Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition

The Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Local Government released its Discussion Paper on 22 September for public comment by 4 November. 

The Discussion Paper is available here 

ALGA's Submission to Expert Panel

ALGA lodged its submission to the Expert Panel on 26 October.

Download ALGA's Cover Letter to the Expert Panel submission

Download ALGA's Expert Panel submission

ALGA urges all councils to take the opportunity to make a submission. Councils should feel free to draw upon ALGA's submission as required. The covering letter provides a brief overview of the main points of ALGA's submission.     

Download Letter from ALGA President, Mayor Genia McCaffery, to all councils regarding making a submission to the Expert Panel

Download Attachment - Outline of ALGA's Submission to the Expert Panel


Expert Panel Report

The Expert Panel reported on 22 December.  You can find the Expert Panel report here.

Minister Simon Crean's Press Release can be viewed here.

ALGA's Press Release welcoming the report is available here